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Length 123 cm
Width 62 cm
Drive Belt driven
Machine Weight 49 Kgs
Max User Weight 150 kgs
Construction Material Frame: Aluminium Feet: Steel
Finish Frame: Powder coat Posts: Anodized coat

1. Electronic display

2. Lightweight & Compact: Okay, maybe a mountain bike is lighter - but the PaceOne Air Bike sure comes close at 49 kgs! It’s also small, so you can easily shift it from room to room or house to house. And yes, all this with zero compromise on quality!

3. Versatile: Low impact & sturdy, the PaceOne can be used by anyone, anywhere (Except in outer space of course). Whether you’re at home or in a gym, whether you’re a beginner or a pro - this machine is perfect. That’s versatility for you.

4. Adjustable seat and handles: PaceOne’s comfort is enhanced due to its adjustable (and very durable) seat + handles. So climb on, find your perfect setting, and get going!

5. Low Maintenance: With a solid aluminium/steel build, PaceOne is built to last. Also, it’s quite easy to look after. That’ s the best part about investing in quality: you don’t need to worry about maintenance!

AMC(Included) 1. Only servicing 2. Biennial
AMC(Not included) 1. Physical damage 2. Spare parts
Freight Included
Assembly Included
GST Included
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects only

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