Bumper Plate 140 kg (pair)

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Weight 140 kg
Thickness: 39mm/49mm/51mm/58 mm
Diameter: 450 mm
Material: Virgin Rubber
Center: Aluminium bush
Collar Opening: A50.8 mm
Finish: Silicon

1. Aluminium bush: The anti-rust aluminium bush has binding properties - which help hold the rubber plate firmly in place.

2. Low bounce: Our bumper plates have an excellent durometer hardness rating, which ensures low bounce

3. High drop cycle: Our bumper plates have a high drop cycle. Not just tough, they're also long lasting!

4. Raised flanges: Thick flanges reduce contact between the bush and the surface, increasing the plate's life.

5. High grade rubber: Made with 100% virgin rubber, our solidly constructed bumper plates also come in bold colours!

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Bumper Plate 140 kg (pair)