Spin Bike X

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Height: 96 cm
Width: 30 cm
Length: 110 cm
Weight: 70 kgs
Max User Weight: 150 kgs
Construction Material:  
Flywheel Weight: 22 kgs
Resistance levels: Brake: Wear resistant cowhide

1. Most accurate bicycle simulator: If you’ve always wanted to cycle but never had the time or opportunity, why not start with Piston? It’s just like a bicycle ride at home - complete with the same thrill, fun & exercise benefits (calorie burning, upper & lower body strengthening). And if you’re more adventurous, you can even wear a cap & sunglasses to feel like a Tour de France rider!

2. Adjustable handlebars and seat: Easily adjust Piston’s seat to whatever height you want for the best ride. Additionally, move its handlebars up & down or front & back. Whatever it takes to be comfortable.

3. Steady & durable: Sorry, you can’t buy this Spin Bike for temporary use - because it’s much more than that. With a sturdy _______ frame & _______ finish, it’s built to last. Fitted with a strong bottom bracket, this machine might also just be the most stable bike you’ve ridden.

4. Mobile: At 112 cm in length, Piston is pretty compact. Just like a bike, it can easily be wheeled around from one place to another if you ever want a change of scenery!

5. Standing or seated rides: You’ll get a great workout on Piston whether you sit or stand. To get that extra burn on your core & upper body (also a good leg stretch!), stand - then sit back down. Switch & alternate, you’ll make your spinning sessions more fun that way! Pro Tip: Keep your hands light on the handles for best results.


AMC(Included) 1. Only servicing 2. Biennial for first year
AMC(Not included) 1. Physical damage 2. Spare parts
Freight Included
Assembly Included
GST Included
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects only

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