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Width: 54 cm
Rail Type: Dual rail
Height: 70 cm
Machine Weight: 60 Kgs
Max User Weight: 150 kgs
Construction Material: Steel
Finish: Frame & Impeller: Steel
Tank: Plastic
Impellers: 16 EA

1. Electronic display

2. Water resistance: Ever seen a real rowing competition? If yes, you sure know that it’s intense work! The WaveRider brings to you the thrill of water sports. The realistic rowing action allows you to get great resistance from the water - resulting in multiple benefits such as cardio, full body muscle training & improved coordination. And the icing on the cake (boat, rather!) - it’s low impact, since there’s not much stress on your joints if you row with proper technique.

3. Foldable body: Isn’t it nice when your machine is both powerful & compact? The WaveRider measures 220 cm in length, and becomes a neat 160 cm when folded. Additionally, its wheels allow you to easily move it - to your new house, or simply another room.

4. Dual tank: WaveRider comes powered with not just one, but two tanks. This gives the machine that extra bit of power, which obviously means more resistance & better workouts for you.

5. Calm and soothing sound: You know how the sound of water is extremely calming? Add to that the smooth gliding motion of the WaveRider, and you have a workout not just for your body, but also for your mind!

6. Solid frame: The WaveRider is hardy & durable - so power through your workouts & don’t worry about a thing. This machine is a great investment, so we make sure it’s built to last.

AMC(Included) 1. Only servicing 2. Biennial for first year
AMC(Not included) 1. Physical damage 2. Spare parts
Freight Included
Assembly Included
GST Included
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects only

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