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Material: Leatherite
Thickness: 12 mm
Colours: Black | Brown

1. High Load Bearing Capacity: Made with 12 mm thick high-grade leatherite, the ArmaHide is built to bear load. It can withstand heavy-duty impact such as dropping weights, as well as intense exercise/stretching movements.

2. Anti-skid surface: The ArmaHide provides you with solid, anti-skid footing: so you can have a safe, hassle free workout.

3. Damage-free floor: Damage-resistant itself, ArmaHide also doubles as a floor protector - since it absorbs most of the shock & prevents damage to the surface it's kept on.

4. Versatile: Who says the ArmaHide is only for exercising? Need to meditate, check. Need to sit comfortably on the floor, check. Need to do stretching, check. One mat, many uses!



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